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[^C4^G,2^F,4^c4^C,2] [^G,2z] ^C, [^D4^A,10^G,4^d2^D,2] [^g7/4^C,] ^D, [^C6^F,6^g3/2=F,5] ^f/4 =f/4 ^c ^G/2 [^c7/4z3/2] [^G,z/2] ^c/2, [^D2=C2^G,6^d3/4z/2] [^F,3/4z/4] [^c3/4z/2] [=F,3/4z/4] [=cz/2], [F4^C4^D,2z/2] ^c/2 [^g5/2z] [^C,2z3/2] ^a/2 [^D2^A,2^d2^G,2], [=G2^C6^A,2=g2=G,2] [^G8^G,8^g15/2z2] ^C,2 [=C4=C,4], [^g2f2^c2F,4^G,4^C,4] ^c ^c/2 [^d^gc'z/2] [^G,2F,2=C,4z/2] ^a [^gz/2], [F,2z/2] f [^a5/2^f5/2^c5/2z/2] [^C,6^A,4z2] ^a ^a/2 [^c=f^gz/2], [F,2^G,4z/2] f [F^G^cz/2] [F,2z/2] ^A3/2 [^A2^c2^f2^F,4^D,4^A,4] ^f, ^g/2 [^G^c=fz/2] [=F,4^C,8z/2] ^d ^c ^d [^G3/2^c3/2^d3/2z/2], [^G,8^D,8z] ^c/2 ^d ^g [^dz/2] [=C,4z/2] ^c =c ^G3/2, [^g2f2^c2F,4^G,4^C,4] ^c ^d/2 [^d^gc'z/2] [^G,2F,2=C,4z/2] ^a [^gz/2], ^g/2 [^G^c=fz/2] [=F,4^C,8z/2] ^d ^c ^d [^G^c3/2^d3/2z/2], [^G,8^D,8z/2] ^G/2 ^c/2 ^d ^G/2 ^c/2 [^dz/2] [=C,4z/2] ^g c' ^c/2 ^d, [^c3/4z/2] [^G3/4z/4] [^c3/4z/4] [=c3/4z/4] [^G3/4z/4] [^c3/4z/4], [=c3/4z/2] [^c/2z/4] [^G3/4z/4] ^c/4 [=c3/4z/4] [^G3/4z/4] [^c3/4z/4], [=c3/4z/2] [^c3/4z/4] [^G3/4z/2] [=c3/4z/4] [^G3/4z/4] [^c3/4z/4], =c/4 [c3/4z/4] [^c3/4z/4] [=G3/4z/2] [=c3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [=d3/4z/4], [c3/4z/2] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [c3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [c3/4z/2], [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [c3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [c3/4z/2] [d3/4z/4], [G3/4z/2] [c3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] c/4 [c3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4], [F3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4] [F3/4z/4] [c3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/2] [c3/4z/4], [F3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4] [F3/4z/4] [c3/4z/4] ^A/4 [^A3/4z/4] [c3/4z/4], [=D3/4z/2] [=A3/4z/4] [D3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4], [D3/4z/2] [=A3/4z/4] [D3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4], [D3/4z/2] [=A3/4z/4] [D3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4], [^A3/4z/4] [D3/4z/2] [G3/4z/4] [D3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2], [d3/4z/4] [D3/4z/2] [G3/4z/4] [D3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [d3/4z/4], [D3/4z/2] [G3/4z/4] [D3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [d3/4z/4] [D3/4z/2], [G3/4z/4] [D3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [c3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [E3/4z/2], [F3/4z/4] [E3/4z/4] [c3/4z/4] [F3/4z/2] [c3/4z/4] [E3/4z/2] [F3/4z/4], [E3/4z/4] [c3/4z/4] [F3/4z/2] [c3/4z/4] [E3/4z/2] [F3/4z/4] [E3/4z/4], [c3/4z/4] [F3/4z/2] [c3/4z/4] [E3/4z/2] [F3/4z/4] [E3/4z/4] [c3/4z/4], [F3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [c3/4z/4] [F3/4z/2] [G3/4z/4] [F3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4], [G3/4z/2] [d3/4z/4] [F3/4z/2] [G3/4z/4] [F3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4], [f3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [d3/4z/2], [f3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [d3/4z/2] [f3/4z/4], [G3/4z/2] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [e3/4z/4] [d3/4z/2] [e3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2], [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [e3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [E12=G,12=D,12z/4] [e3/4z/4], [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [e3/4z/4] [d3/4z/2] [e3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [d3/4z/4], [G3/4z/4] [e3/4z/4] [d3/4z/2] [e3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4], [e3/4z/4] [d3/4z/2] [e3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [e3/4z/4], [d3/4z/2] [e3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [e3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4], [G,8D2F,16z/4] [e3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4], [^A3/4z/4] [D4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/4], [f3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [G2z/4] [f3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4], [=A3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [D4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/2], [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [G,8z/4] [f3/4z/4], [=A3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [D2=A/2z/4], [f3/4z/4] [A3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4], [G2z/4] [f3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4], [^A3/4z/4] [=A/2D2z/4] [f3/4z/4] [A3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/4], [f3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [d3/4E,8D16G,16z/4] [f3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2], [=A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [A3/4z/4] [B,2z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2], [A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [A3/4z/4] [E2z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2], [A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [A3/4z/4] [B,2z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2], [A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [A3/4z/4] [E,8z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2], [A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [A3/4z/4] [f3/4G,8F,16D2z/4] [d3/4z/4], [A3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [D4z/4], [f3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4], [f3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [G,8z/4] [f3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4], [=A3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [D2=A/2z/4] [f3/4z/4] [A3/4z/2], [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [G2z/4] [f3/4z/4], [d3/4E,8D15G,16z/4] [f3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [=A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4], [d3/4z/4] [A3/4z/4] [B,2z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4], [d3/4z/4] [A3/4z/4] [E2z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4], [d3/4z/4] [A3/4z/4] [E,8z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4], [d3/4z/4] [A3/4z/4] [B,2z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [A3/4Ez/4] [G3/4z/4], [d/2z/4] [A3/4z/4] [d3/4^D,4F/2F,16] [F3/4z/2] [G3/4z/4] [F5/4z/4], [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [^D2z/4] [d3/4z/4] [F3/4z/2] [G3/4z/4] [F3/4z/4], [d3/4z/4] G/4 [^D,4Gz/4] [d3/4z/4] [F3/4z/2] [G3/4z/4] [F3/4z/4], [d3/4z/4] [G5/4z/4] [^D2z/4] [d3/4z/4] [F3/4z/2] [G3/4z/4] [F3/4z/4], [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [^D,4A4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [F3/4z/2] [G3/4z/4], [F3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [^D2z/4] [d3/4z/4] [F3/4z/2] [G3/4z/4], [F3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [^D,4^A4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [F3/4z/2], [G3/4z/4] [F3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [^D2z/4] [d3/4z/4] [F3/4z/2], [G3/4z/4] [F3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [c3/4=D,4=A14E,16z/4], [d3/4z/4] [E3/4z/2] [F3/4z/4] [E3/4z/4] [c3/4z/4] [F3/4z/4] [=D2z/4], [c3/4z/4] [E3/4z/2] [F3/4z/4] [E3/4z/4] [c3/4z/4] [F3/4z/4] [D,4z/4], [c3/4z/4] [E3/4z/2] [F3/4z/4] [E3/4z/4] [c3/4z/4] [F3/4z/4] [D2z/4], [c3/4z/4] [E3/4z/2] [F3/4Cz/4] [E3/4z/4] [c3/4z/4] [F3/4z/4], [^A,2d3/4D4F,4z/4] [c3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4], [A3/4z/4] [^A,2z/4] [d3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [d3/4z/4], [A3/4z/4] [^D,4f3/4F4G,4z/4] [d3/4z/4] [A3/4z/2] [^A3/4z/4], [=A3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [^D2z/4] [f3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/2], [^A3/4z/4] [=A3/4z/4] [f3/4z/4] [^A3/4z/4] [=D,4e3/4E16=A,16z/4], [f3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [=A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [e3/4z/4] [A3/4z/4] [=D2z/4], [e3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [e3/4z/4] [A3/4z/4] [D,4z/4], [e3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [e3/4z/4] [A3/4z/4] [D2z/4], [e3/4z/4] [G3/4z/2] [A3/4z/4] [G3/4z/4] [e3/4z/4] [A3/4z/2] e3/4, 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